Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where to begin...

So we went to Wild Dunes for Spring Break and on the last day.. I get an early morning call from my husband (unusual).. his mother had a Massive Stroke and is not expected to live.. OMG!! I hurrily pack up the girls and friends and calmly head back to Columbia..she died that night, surrounded by her 12 children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and niece. It hit me hard! My mother in law has NEVER been sick.except the one time she had walking pneumonia. Never a pill, nothing, just a 3 mile walk everyday and good eating habits. She was our rock..slow, soft and steady... never one to give her "2 cents", just loved you the way you were.

The girls finished school.. All A Honor Roll and a 5th Grade graduation,and dance recital for my middle girly. Oldest girly is chomping at the bit to get her PERMIT! Yikes..when did she grow up!

above pictures.. Wild Dunes and baby girlies First Communion, I can't find middle girlies Dance Recital, but we had that in May as well!! Did May kick your butts, because it has kicked mine!

Little baby girly.finshed 2nd grade whew! Her baseball team finished 2nd in the playoffs and she did quite well, considering she was the ONLY girl.. they loved her, well, most of them anyway!

Spent 2 days at the pool and I must say alittle color on the cheeks has done alot for my morale, don't you just feel healthier with sun-kissed cheeks!