Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tomorrow is...

my middle girly's birthday!! Mallory is going to be eleven!! Oh my, I just cannot believe it is true. Mallory was my tiniest baby 7lbs. 10.5oz and 19 in. long! She was and is just perfect, just the right amount of freckles sprinkled on her milky white Irish Skin, a beautiful head of sun-kissed brown hair perfectly coiffed in a pony or BOB and always dressed for success..(school), where she strives for success always on the Mostly A and B honor roll. She is quite the musical girl both in dance and drama and trying out and accomplishing several solo spots this year! She is somewhat moody at times and wears her heart on her sleeve (most like me) at that age, not as moody anymore..(me). She is beginning to wonder into the , how shall I say it, more mature version of herself, and quite frankly I don't like it, although she has a younger sister, I always have felt like she is my baby, I don't kow why, NO she is NOT my favorite.. just something about her makes me want to protect her, I don't know why, she is steadfast in her convictions, who she likes and DOES NOT like and she cannot be swayed just because someone is POPULAR, she would rather be friends with someone she likes and who likes her NO PHONINESS with her..

I am taking her and 2 of her girlfriends to Charleston tomorrow after school for the weekend..picture to follow. HAppy Birthday MOO!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

They are back and in full SWING!!

my boys are back.. and off to a great start. They won the season opener 12-5!! They are not just champions on the field, but carry the schools Highest GPA and do so many community service projects, could be because they are led by a true christian and stand up COACH..Ray Tanner.. Way to go boys..keep it up!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Tried to figure out many outstanding invoices at the PI Firm on QuickBooks..who invented that piece of SH#T software.. aggravating, probably because I am super daffy..

Baby Girly home with Strep,,with Daddy, who made her a chocolate syrup, cream coffee this morning, he clearly must think caffeine will NOT affect a 7 year old..and sugar

Middle Girly got her CAST off (third broken bone) I know DSS right!

Hubby conncocted some Sausage and Bean Cassoulet with a homemade Cornbread topping.. sorry Weight Watchers, my Fat arse is eating tht tonight!!

Oh the below cookies I made for Valentine's Day.. I asked Baby Girly this morning if she liked them and she said "UH Not really, I mean I like the chocolate, but the white part (me: you mean the COOKIE) tasted like old dry bread!! Sweet Baby.. I told her.. you are close. it is SHORTBREAD and she said I KNEW IT!! Clearly, there is a genetic defect we do NOT know about yet, but I am having her tested!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

I tried...

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my Bloggy friends..the above is for middle girly's class party..hope they tase good, Martha Stewart's recipe was not on spot said they yielded 4.5 dozen..I got 20!! Oh well, they look better in person!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sweet Pink!!!

Valentines!! The Hubby calls me today and said "you received a package from Nichelle"?? I squealed with delight..and said " She's my Bloggy friend and we had a Pink Swap for Valentine's Day"! He was like Oh Gawd... Duh! He doesn't get it. But SHE did! She nailed this on the head!! Cookbook, Ghiardelli chocolate, candles, wonderfully scented soaps that made the whole house smell heavenly when I opened the box, cupcake plate and a SPA kit..the hubby said, how did she know you needed a pedicure? I said she didn't dumbarse, but since you KNOW I do, hint, hint!
Thank You sweet Nichelle.. I think you are going to love your goodies too!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

OMG!! You will never guess..

I got a job working for a Private Eye!! Should be most interesting, and yes, I asked him to call me Jill Monroe!!