Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Smart Ass the board game is the ultimate fun trivia game for 2 to 12 players, where everybody plays every turn, the game doesn't labor on for hours, and even if you are a "Dumb Ass", you can win!Smart Ass is an all play game. With every question asked, every player can yell out the answer at any time and as soon as they think they know the answer.There are four question categories: Who am I? Where am I? What am I? and Hard Ass! The 500 questions are formulated into lots of clues. The clues get easy as the question is being read out, but don't wait too long to answer, as the first person to yell out the right answer, wins the round and moves closer to the Smart Ass. If you yell out the wrong answer, then you are out of that round and have to wait 'till the next question is asked.Beware of the "Dumb Ass" and "Kick Ass" squares, as penalty awaits!The first person to land on the donkey's butt is declared the "Smart Ass".Smart Ass was created by Rob Elliott, the long time host of Australian Channel Seven's "Wheel of Fortune". So come and enjoy the real Aussie flavor of this inclusive and fun, but still competitive game
This game is hilarious and I totally recommend you buy it and try it!! It is for 14 year olds and up, if the title offends you I am sorry,but it is a Trivia Game, so it is all fun and educational!!

Regarding my last Post and comments..I am sorry if I came acrossed as "arrogant", that wasn't my intention, I was merely explaining that I was GUILTY of all of the nasty things that I didn't llike and I didn't want to keep it up..I don't want to use Facebook to argue and I needed to back off and re-group. I am not by nature a mean or arrogant person for that matter either...just saying... friends.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I deactivated my account Thursday!! I mean, let's get real, I can log on and it will magically appear again, I just needed a break! I can list various reasons:

1. It was the first thing I checked in the morning after I made the coffee and nudged the girly's to get up. SICK
2. I am sick of peoples Wow look at me I am so awesome and I need you to confirm that with a "click" of the "like" button and a glowing comment.
3. 1000 pictures of your children.
4. 10,000 of your freakin dog!
5. Political opinions(bad manners)
6. How much money you have ie vacations, purchases, new everything yada yada

I mean I get some of it, but what started out as a venue for "re-connecting" with old friends and sharing with new has evolved into a soap box and a bit of technological voyeurism.
I am just saying..I am sure I will be back for a peek!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blogs I LOVE!!

I just love to read all of my favorite Blogs once I get the girly's off to school. I go back and forth to which Blogs I like, love and hate.. i even read the ones I hate too.
My criteria for my favorite Blogs are so different

1. I enjoy the Blogs where the ladies are ahem, in my age group 40-50! Did I just say that?? we are real, we are raising post college down to elementary and we mostly discuss, paint colors, fabric swatches, recipes, unruly children, bitchy friends..you get the picture.. we also talk about God, Church, and Giving back
2. Mid Twenties.. ok these girls have it going on!! They read every parenting book, dress to the nines..no pukey gym clothes for these girls!! They make exotic meals for their husbands all the while having their bodies toned, their make up perfect and the house cleaned and everything labeled.. and they have lots of money!! I live vicariously through these girls..although, I think something is missing, and I am going to find out.
3. The college blogs! Enough said.. I want to be a Delta, delta, Delta again and Tailgate

Here are a few of my faves..although some of my 40-50 year olds are dropping like flies

Biscuits are never Boring
Abnormally Normal
Clemsongirl and the Coach
Pink Clutch
Blue eyed Bride
Monograms and Manicures
Simple Thoughts (LOVE)
Pearls and Grace (HEART)
Southern Yankee
Designer bags and dirty Diapers(this girl has it going on!)
hanging with the Hewitts
Pawley's Island Posh(great Photographer)
A Liz Adventures
3 Peanuts
The Southland Life
Style Me swanky
Hungry Meets healthy
mostly all Charleston SC BLOGS!!
Lowcountry Living

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Facebook Etiquette Part III

Seriously, and I mean seriously, please do not post anything regarding POLITICS! I don't understand why we open ourselves up for such hatred spewed at us from people we "THINK" are our friends. Sheesh! When I was growing up my mother always told me politics were private as was religon, two subjects that are not to be discussed. I have to say I agree. I mean, I vote on the candidate strictly based on LOOKS.. JUST KIDDING!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Three minus One..

Two of my girlies..getting ready for a family night out..missing link..riding her RipStik!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Where oh Where...

does Whoopie Goldberg get the clothes she wears on THE VIEW?? Is it me or do they look like bedspreads sewn together with a neck and two armholes??

Thursday, January 19, 2012

facebook Etiquuette part II

we do NOT and I mean, do NOT need to see your positive pregnancy stick or ultrasound either. and please, telling everyone you have mastitis, that visual alone doesn't go well with my morning oatmeal! ewww, too invasive. I am chalking all of this over information to age..seems like most divulging, according to another blog friend(40's)is that these people are in their 20's and young 30's and just are so used to everything being out there..they grew up with the internet. I just think people lack in tact.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

facebook etiquette..

I was reading through my December issue of Real Simple when I happenend upon an article regarding Facebook etiquette. I had to read it, for several reasons, A). I have none and B). I am NOT alone.

Let's start with A)., which is me! I usually like to have a generally uplifting or thought provoking quote as my Status or say something about the girls , such as a life lesson, picture of going to a dance etc. I do NOT status Yay, my daughters made all A's, are perfect and I am married to Brad Pitt the wonder husband, although he does receive his fair share of props. I am always amazed at people..people?, wait these are my so called damn friends, which brings me to B). who let us know every illness they have, every candidate they support, every cause they find thought provoking..sheesh! To me, it is annoying and nobody gives a crap, and if we do, God forbid we put our 2 cents in because we are clearly stupid and don't know Jack!

getting back to A). which is me.. I have said pretty snide comments, really not to be mean, but my opinion, which brings me to " If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"! So I guess I will be a cheerleader for everyone, which I find quite boring. I mean really, everytime you are sick, which is often, trust me.. do I need to say "feel better, thinking of you". Do i have to let you know that your child who you post 1,000 pictures of doing the say thing..is precious! I love seeing the pictures too, because by all accounts they are cute. And don't get me started on animal pictures, that are all blurry from your Iphone!

What I think I am getting at..and this is just my Opinion, it seems like there are a lot of people out there who need lots of attention and feedback to say how wonderful they are..
I mean one status the other day.. I made dinner tonight! Well, good, you are the mom and you should! Wow! you did the laundry today, you are amazing! maybe I am being a crabby pain in the arse today.. Blogs are this way too also. what happenend to just being...

* I am trying to be more understanding and THINK before I TYPE..

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I started the job on Monday and was LET GO on Wednesday!! LOL!! Still trying to figure out what went wrong there..now I know what Sandra Bullock meant by BLINDSIDE!

Taught the baby a valuable lesson on Friday..after I signed her out of school on Friday at 11:30 and reprimanded her and sent her to her room until 8:00am saturday morning, I think she has a crystal clear picture who rules the Roost now! She woke up singing me a song on Saturday..she truly needs an attitude adjustment, she is a loving, caring and sharing girl, but she leans towards spoiled,IE daddy gets her what she wants, Mommy? Not so much!!

Middle girly..moving along nicely except when she informed her Daddy she missed Dance Company after school Tuesday( with the winter break she forgot, I get that), so on wednesday teacher asked where she was, since she is the lead dancer, and she may lose her spot now(Bitch), she told a little fib..said she had to go to her grandma's Birthday dinner and the teacher said..at 4? and she said. Yes M'am she lives out of town..uh yeah they have both passed away!! I wrote her an excuse..shoot me!

Oldest daughter..went to a friends birthday Dinner and spent the night..took her driving Sunday Night and i freaked a bit and screamed..brought her to tears..for that I am remorseful, because she is a truly sweet child who didn't deserve that.. Lots of making up to do there.

I really want to go to Nashville in may for the PEARL EVENT with paige, sibi oops one more.. anyone else?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Stayed Tuned..

I have alot to say, but I am starting a new job today and need to shower and take the girly's to school..be right back!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Carpool Line...

I swear I could seriously gun through the line in the morning and go on a rage!! People cut in line, the walkers, who drive, park and then walk their little precious drive me crazy..they hold things up! I mean, if your kids in the 2nd grade and up, they do NOT need to be walked in..self-confidence people, that is what we are teaching them..independance.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hail Mary...

A picture that will be etched in Gamecock fans minds forever.. Congrats Alshon on a being a great Gamecock player..that little incident with Dennard, well, we forgive you.. Hail Yes, to that Hail mary!! 11-2!!