Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I started the job on Monday and was LET GO on Wednesday!! LOL!! Still trying to figure out what went wrong there..now I know what Sandra Bullock meant by BLINDSIDE!

Taught the baby a valuable lesson on Friday..after I signed her out of school on Friday at 11:30 and reprimanded her and sent her to her room until 8:00am saturday morning, I think she has a crystal clear picture who rules the Roost now! She woke up singing me a song on Saturday..she truly needs an attitude adjustment, she is a loving, caring and sharing girl, but she leans towards spoiled,IE daddy gets her what she wants, Mommy? Not so much!!

Middle girly..moving along nicely except when she informed her Daddy she missed Dance Company after school Tuesday( with the winter break she forgot, I get that), so on wednesday teacher asked where she was, since she is the lead dancer, and she may lose her spot now(Bitch), she told a little fib..said she had to go to her grandma's Birthday dinner and the teacher said..at 4? and she said. Yes M'am she lives out of town..uh yeah they have both passed away!! I wrote her an excuse..shoot me!

Oldest daughter..went to a friends birthday Dinner and spent the night..took her driving Sunday Night and i freaked a bit and screamed..brought her to tears..for that I am remorseful, because she is a truly sweet child who didn't deserve that.. Lots of making up to do there.

I really want to go to Nashville in may for the PEARL EVENT with paige, sibi oops one more.. anyone else?


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh my have you been busy! And for the record, I fully support the note you wrote to the dance coach.

The Manager of Many said...

I need to go too.

Love Being A Nonny said...

Yes, I am going to The Pearl Event!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Love this quick life update--I can tell we would get along fabulously! I love your fun, straightforward attitude toward life!