Sunday, January 29, 2012


I deactivated my account Thursday!! I mean, let's get real, I can log on and it will magically appear again, I just needed a break! I can list various reasons:

1. It was the first thing I checked in the morning after I made the coffee and nudged the girly's to get up. SICK
2. I am sick of peoples Wow look at me I am so awesome and I need you to confirm that with a "click" of the "like" button and a glowing comment.
3. 1000 pictures of your children.
4. 10,000 of your freakin dog!
5. Political opinions(bad manners)
6. How much money you have ie vacations, purchases, new everything yada yada

I mean I get some of it, but what started out as a venue for "re-connecting" with old friends and sharing with new has evolved into a soap box and a bit of technological voyeurism.
I am just saying..I am sure I will be back for a peek!


Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,
I really enjoy reading your blog. If I am being honest though, your last two entries left me kind of dumbfounded. You were so critical of what people put out I facebook. I am not on it, but your tone seems harsh and judgmental when in actuality, you are doing the same things.
For the blog entry, I read a lot of the same ones. Some I like better than other, and some I just give up reading. However, I think when someone puts themselves out there, using the hate word is pretty strong.
Just imagine if people were writing that about yours....
Just sayin'

Melissa said...

So glad to see someone say "political views-tacky" shared on Facebook! Could not agree more! I was taught "not to talk about politics, religion, or money!" :))

Just Ask Beth said...

thanks Anonymous for your comment..and you are right..hate is a strong word!

Anonymous said...

You do the same I am sure...the girlys and opinions on everything from games, politics and others behavior are probably posted on your page. Its the same for everybody we are all guilty and you are right to let it go if you don't like it but its not because of others but because you are on it too much and its sucking the life out of you and you post too much.....huh?

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more that you are doing exactly the same thing you are criticsizing .
You actually have come across as arrogant.

Just Ask Beth said...

to Anonymous, if you read my january 18th post, I stated that I was guilty of all of the comments and posting as well..and stated that! I found myself going in for the jab and didn't like who I was becoming..maybe the way i wrote it came across as arrogant "anonymous" but I can assure you I am not.. I would like to read your Blog,do you have a name or just go by anonymous..and do you have a sister?

Anonymous said...

Wow! I totally agree with you Beth. I only post on FB every once in a while. I have had to hide some friends that all they post is their schedule for the day. I really don't care to knwo when you are tkaing a "crap" or how much you have to do today-we are all busy.

Why do people think it is okay to post as anonymous and write ugly things? They need to ball-up.

Love ya girl! I will miss all of your funny posts.

Jessica said...

Again, like I said in your last post, who cares why you did it. I think we are all guilty of being a little more snarky than normal behind the computer screen sometimes. At least you realized it and took yourself out of it.. and you especially didn't hide behind the name Anonymous... geesh!