Saturday, December 31, 2011

May you and yours...

have a year filled with health, wealth and happiness!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Movie etiquette...

I took the baby to see "Chipwrecked" yesterday and was absolutely floored at the noise level inside the movie theatre. Now, don't get me wrong, I know this is a childrens movie and they laugh and get giddy.. I am talking about the FOOD NOISE!!
The audience sounded like they were digging in brown paper grocery bags plundering to the bottom of a potato chip bag on their way to a 2 Liter coke!! Sheesh..I almost got up and said something, but didn't want to upset my little girl who was quietly enjoying her Gummie Sour patch kids and oblivious to the whole noise thingy!! Trust me, this isn't a shout to her..she is a talker too, but she knows when NOT to make noise.. UGH!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day..

was magical...all three of my girls proclaimed it the "best Christmas ever"! I am not sure why, they got some cute things but certainly were not over indulged.."3 gifts from the 3 kings", and then some mommy and daddy splurge! The 2 youngest girls received NOOK COLORs, as the oldest has an iPod already, they are really enjoying them and have been using them for READING too! ha! Lots of clothes, boots and monogrammed jewelry and scarves and girly makeup for the 2 oldest.

I don't think I mentioned this..but on Christmas Eve, I had a small catering job and noticed that right before I put the Pork tenderloins in the oven that there was GREASE in the bottom of my oven..not from me I assure I tried just wiping it out because I couldnt spend the time to properly clean it..anyway..I smoked the house up.UGH! I love my house to smell beautiful, not like a bonfire, so I opened the french Doors off of the dining room and our front door, yes I know we looked like white trash, but I didn't care I wanted that smell gone..anyway.. a bird flew in YIKES and immediately flew out. Fast forward to 4 o'clock our dear friend and godmother to my middle child Sister Christina came for our traditional visit and she proceeds to tell me it means DEATH! What, shut the front door! Don't tell me something like that, I almost cried all day and night! No one died that night..enter christmas up early to make coffee.. coffee maker DEAD!! Shot, kaput!! whew! I was never so happy for that DEAD coffee maker, made for a weary morn, but at least we are all still here!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sugar Cookie Mishap..

So, the baby had a friend over Sunday Evening and by Monday morning..they were "bored"!! I swore to her if she used that ADJECTIVE at all during Christmas Break she would be cleaning baseboards with HER toothbrush.. so she replaced BORED with "we have nothing to do" so we are going to walk to Publix!! What? Publix!! First of all, it is 3 miles from our house and secondly, she has never, ever even thought of that..enter her sassy friend, who I find refreshing, but sassy!! Where am I going with this story, ahh Yes, the Sugar Cookies.
No you are not walking to you want to make christmas sugar cookies?? YEAH!! get the picture.. I made the dough, gave them the rolling pin, the cookie cutters and sprinkles and told them to call me and I would put them in the oven..I was folding laundry... HAHA!! they rolled the dough into the letters of their names! no stars, trees, or stockings!! I did chuckle..

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I am in awe...

of C Wonder and dying to do some shopping here..anyone else?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Love this Idea!!!

Wouldn't this be just the cutest for a wedding instead of the traitional Tiered Cake?? I just adore this!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


We have officially gone soup crazy in Casa de Cleary!! Here are 3 so far

Cabbage Soup (dieter's version) I , of course, have doctored and altered it, still keeping it LOW CALORIE!
Turnip Soup..hubby is making this..I will let you know how this turns out..
Chicken Tortilla Soup for the girly's.

I think soup is good for it is easy!! let me know if you want the recipes!!