Friday, October 26, 2012

a new POST..

well, it has only been 25 days..not too too long!!  we have been very busy, but so is everyone else right? 
we have been to Soccer games, Volleyball matches, tennis matches.. work..tailgating..and raking up 1 million plus piles of pinestraw!!

The weather here is beautiful and the heat has, I think, decided to take a break and leave us with crisp cool weather.

we have been gearing up for least favorite occassion, but the kids love i have to love it too.. I, however, do love the candy..I love a maryJane!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Buy one of these ASAP!!!

I am in LOVE with this TOOTHBRUSH!!  I switch out my toothbrush every month, because I am neurotic..about germs.. Anywho!! this Colgate 360 is like having your gums massaged by a Masseuse.  I brushed my teeth twice already and it is only 1:12PM~~