Sunday, May 31, 2009


Why do I sunbathe like I have the skin of a greek Goddess when in fact I am a pale as hell Irish Gal? Needless to say, after many hours in the sun and drinking brewski's poolside, I am now the new Poster Child for SOLARCAINE!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Maybe you all want to know what's going on, maybe not, but I am going to tell you anyway:

1. Hubby's transition to Charleston has been great and we are loving our downtown condo!
2. Work is very busy and I am thankful for that, mostly refi's but I feel the purchases coming, makes me feel better about the economy
3. little girls end of the year festivities today and awards. Gertie said she's not gettin any stinkin award because hers not smart, but maybe "best" Monkey Bar girl! LOL!
4.New roof coming this week! Yippee! All new interior doors installed with new hardware. painter coming in a few, oh followed by a PLUMBER(LEAK) and Electrician(short fuse) somewhere, we can't blow dry 2 heads at once!
5. Our Pool is OPEN, praise the Lord and the children are loving it, I have yet to go, hubby and babysitter have been so far.
6.Oldest has braces now. I must say, I think she looks cute! furniture ordered(some), not all
8.Only 2 loads of laundry left and 5 to fold! heehee!
9. I have loved connecting and hanging out with my BFF's who all by the way live on Daniel Island in Charleston.
10. Hubby has been offered a position in Charleston. YIKES!

I read all of your blogs and must remember to comment!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why is it....

that you feel like absolute poo poo with an upcoming holiday weekend approaching? All comments welcome!

Monday, May 18, 2009

It ain't so bad...

Single parenthood that is!! My husband has been gone for two weeks now and believe it or not I have survived with my sanity intact! The girls and I have commuted to the condo in Charleston the last 2 weekends and what can I say, it is awesome. Beautiful, and if you are familiar with Charleston, SC we are situated on the corner of East Bay Street and Vendue.. DIVINE!
The hubby is coming home this weekend and quite frankly I am excited to not have to pack up and travel again, it is going to be lots of mini vacations for the girls and I so that will be fun. If any of you girls travel to Charleston this summer, ring me up and we can meet for a cocktail... or two!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Charleston here he comes....

My husband has got to go to Charleston SC for his job for 6 months, when is he leaving, oh that would be Sunday, Mother's Day!! Am I freaking out, not so much. I look at it as a vacation place for me and my 3 lassies for 6 months YIPPEE!! We live in Columbia, so we are talking an hour and a half away, so if I needed him, oh I could get him!! LOL!! So basically we are putting the move on hold and doing a little TLC right here and doing a moderate makeover! 2 new bathrooms, new paint throughout, 10 new 6 paneled doors and new hardware and NEW FURNITURE!! This will easily be done with him away!! HEEHEE!