Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Does this picture look familiar??

if you live in South Carolina like I do, this is what it feels like right now. we are so medicated in this family right now..and poor baby girl walks around with a box of Puff's..seeing Allergist during Spring Break!!(aren't I nice). when I put my head on my pillow every night..and say my I being selfish when I plead with GOD to bring us rain? 50% today here in Columbia..I am doing a rain dance!! what's it like in your town? Are you suffering with the tickly nose, itchy throat and ears like we are?

**NOTE** this is not my picture

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Simply Smashing...

that is the name of our Tennis Team..and I am happy to report I had my first win of the season..after 3..3rd set tiebreaker losses..we won 6-3 6-0!! Our team won also!! The pollen here in SC is HORRENDOUS, and my youngest girly and I are about to D I E!!! Seriously, if we do not get a rainfall/down pour soon..we may have to bunk down in this house..she plays soccer and baseball and I play we have to be outside, but Dear God in heaven help us please..Claritin is like a placebo now!!

On a funny note, since she blows her nose non-stop her nose and above her lip are REALLY RED, so she puts concealer on it in the morning before school! LOL!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Southern Love...

if you are from the south..this is definitely a must our house at least!! The girly's gave up "fast food' for Lent and they are dying for some Chick Fil A!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Middle Schoolers...

well, my middle girly is pretty easy going, you know, when things are going her way, not to say she's spoiled ,but she is very A type personality. she is immaculate in her looks, studies, cleanliness of room..she *irons her own clothes EVERY morning..and she just turned 12..are you with me! well, today, the hubby was off so he took the carpool for me so I could get to work an hour early..(yeah!)and he said to me>>"what time do you usually leave?" and i said "8:00 why? Ugh..because it's 8:10 exclaimed Hubby. so we both screamed MALLORY!! hurry up and y'all.. she just busted out in tears..and we both noticed she had changed FOUR times and her hair was not brushed..she gets up at 7!, no excuse.she really needs to start getting her clothes organized at night! hubby said she sniffled the whole way to school. I hate sending them upset like that, but her and her perfection are going to be the death of me..
** I may, or may not have taught them how to iron, i iron everyday!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

a prime example...

So sunday was my sweet baby girls birthday, she turned 9 years old! We celebrated Saturday with a HUGE family (hubby is 1 of 12) backyard cookout, her idea, she loves her family.. We had a great day, which started off with her soccer teams FIRST ever win and ended with baby girl being showered with love and money for her "NEW" savings account.
Ok, so Sunday, she saved 2 of her cupcakes for the neighbor kids, you know the ones I talked about in a prior post who, at times are so mean to her.. So she was eating dinner and I said "did they like their cupcakes?" she said."yes, until Mr. "JERK" yelled at me!" HUH? she said, Well, he was in his car and I was going to shut his door for him and he said..are you ready..Drumroll please.."get your hands off my car and don't touch it again, I don't care if you are 9!!!" and ladies and gentleman, THIS IS WHAT ticks me off..who talks to a child like that..and the saddest part..she was beginning to accept this abuse and think it IS HER FAULT like abuse victims do..she said "maybe he thought I was going to slam his door..and I said NO, HE just doesn't have any manners..I am sorry, I couldn't hold it is hard to seperate them, but my daughter shouldn't be privy to ABUSE because they are.. so anonymous, I am NOT STOOPING to their level..we tried being nice by saving the cupcakes for them and bam..beat my child down..not again!! BTW, I changed my comments, NO ANONYMOUS comments, if you have something to say own it and post your name..sheesh, I am old enough to accept constructive criticism. Am I being too sensitive? it made me so sad to see her justifying his redneck, hateful attitude!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday...

I am thankful that my husband comes from a BIG family and get togethers always involve 30 plus least, and that is just immediate family!!

I am thankful that my business is picking up and homes are appraising and people are able to re-finance.

I am thankful that I have a loving family and things are going the moment.

I am thankful for friends that I am surrounded with..and even the "anonymous" commentor who assumes who I know who they watch my back.. seems like they would tell me that to my face or through an email... BTW..deleted their comment and the POST..don't want you all to get the wrong opinion of me

I am thankful..that this day is my busiest..and I have healthy girls that can do all they do.

I am thankful for a loving husband that loves me unconditionally..I think..heehee

I am thankful for my guides me daily..
have a great day..

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Schedule...

Monday: Work
Middle Girl ACX(extreme cheer and dance)
Mom Tennis Match

Tuesday: Work
Baby Girl Soccer
Middle girl Dance Company

Wednesday: Work
Baby Girl Baseball Practice
Hubby Tennis

Thursday: Work
Oldest Girl: play practice
Middle Girl: dance
Baby girl: dance
Baby girl: baseball game(after dance)
Hubby Tennis Match
Me: preview party for Home Builders Assoc.( I work at a Bank as a Mortgage banker)

Friday: Work
Cupcakes at school for the baby girls birthday celebration (did our mom's do this)?
Shopping for baby girls "family" birthday party cookout Sunday

saturday: Baby girl Soccer game
Baby girl's 9th birthday party

Sunday: work the Home Builders Show
Baby girls REAL birthday
Out to Dinner her choice ( thank goodness Chick Fil A is closed)!
Me: tennis Clinic
Me and the Hubs..Happy Hour..starting at 5....JOIN US IN SPIRIT!!
and you know what the beauty of all of this is..I get to do it EVERY WEEK!! LOL!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Popcorn Cake..

this is so easy and so delish!!