Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Simply Smashing...

that is the name of our Tennis Team..and I am happy to report I had my first win of the season..after 3..3rd set tiebreaker losses..we won 6-3 6-0!! Our team won also!! The pollen here in SC is HORRENDOUS, and my youngest girly and I are about to D I E!!! Seriously, if we do not get a rainfall/down pour soon..we may have to bunk down in this house..she plays soccer and baseball and I play tennis.so we have to be outside, but Dear God in heaven help us please..Claritin is like a placebo now!!

On a funny note, since she blows her nose non-stop her nose and above her lip are REALLY RED, so she puts concealer on it in the morning before school! LOL!

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