Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday...

I am thankful that my husband comes from a BIG family and get togethers always involve 30 plus least, and that is just immediate family!!

I am thankful that my business is picking up and homes are appraising and people are able to re-finance.

I am thankful that I have a loving family and things are going the moment.

I am thankful for friends that I am surrounded with..and even the "anonymous" commentor who assumes who I know who they watch my back.. seems like they would tell me that to my face or through an email... BTW..deleted their comment and the POST..don't want you all to get the wrong opinion of me

I am thankful..that this day is my busiest..and I have healthy girls that can do all they do.

I am thankful for a loving husband that loves me unconditionally..I think..heehee

I am thankful for my guides me daily..
have a great day..

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I always appreciate a thankful post--we are so blessed, even more blessed when we take a minute to reflect on it. How awesome that you have a family to hold you through all the bumpy bits of life.