Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Middle Schoolers...

well, my middle girly is pretty easy going, you know, when things are going her way, not to say she's spoiled ,but she is very A type personality. she is immaculate in her looks, studies, cleanliness of room..she *irons her own clothes EVERY morning..and she just turned 12..are you with me! well, today, the hubby was off so he took the carpool for me so I could get to work an hour early..(yeah!)and he said to me>>"what time do you usually leave?" and i said "8:00 why? Ugh..because it's 8:10 exclaimed Hubby. so we both screamed MALLORY!! hurry up and y'all.. she just busted out in tears..and we both noticed she had changed FOUR times and her hair was not brushed..she gets up at 7!, no excuse.she really needs to start getting her clothes organized at night! hubby said she sniffled the whole way to school. I hate sending them upset like that, but her and her perfection are going to be the death of me..
** I may, or may not have taught them how to iron, i iron everyday!!

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Lisa said...

Oh no... I bet all of those hormones are kicking in and causing trouble. Just wait until all three of them are in tears at the same time. Uggg, been there and done that! I love having three girls, but it is a bumpy ride sometimes.