Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day...

I love my country, the men and women who served and continue to do so..and I love our FLAG..the ultimate symbol of freedom. Our plans...Pool, grill out and getting middle girly ready for a week at the beach with a friend..that girl has it going on and in June..she is going to Camp for 10 days..quite the social butterfly.. Baby girly starts swimming lessons tomorrow, everyday thereafter for and hour and a half everyday..should keep her figure in tact from all of her trips to the "free" snack bar! Oldest girly is getting her license this week, so she will be a great help to me with the girls this summer! Hubby is off this week and I have made him quite the list..see, when he is off, he literally thinks he doesn't have to do a thing!! when is my free week of nothing? don;t even get me started on that conversation!! Looks like we may be headed for rain all week, ugh! I just need a little color on the cheeks and I will be fine!
Dance recital..middle girly and baby girly..check out the makeup!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Brain Dump...

1. I miss Clemson Girl and the Coach's Blog!! 2. I hate sensitive people on Facebook..that if you disagree with them..they assume you are attacking them! UGH! 3. I love that my girls will be wearing Sandals and Flip Flops starting Thursday until school starts. 4. I like that my girls LOVE my cooking and thought the Spinach was sooo good last night. 5. I love my husband... and his family..I really do! 6. My friends..I have some really great friends..always there to listen to the latest DRAMA! 7. I need a pair of Jack Rogers 8. how many bathing suits does a girl need? at least 4 according to middle girly. 9. need to lose 100lbs. before 30 year HS reunion on June 30th! HAHA! 10. Our pool's Memorial Day Cookout is Sunday..always so FUN! 11. I love love love all the NEW Blogs I follow with all of the young generation having beautiful babies! 12. I am glad I am facebook friends with some of my Blog friends..after awhile I really feel like we are BFF'S! 13. Work has picked up! RATES are so if you need to Purchase or Refi email I am going to leave it at that unlucky..

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Am I crazy..but I am so Ready for school to END!! No more teachers no more books no more teachers dirty looks when the teacher rings the bell tell the teacher go to... sang this song the last day of school!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day...

It was a wonderful Sunday..and I can honestly say it was one of my all time favorite Mother's Day..aside from my first! My girls were so sweet and all 3 wrote me a message and made me a card, instead of buying one..oh, that's right, they don't have any money. Their own words and what they think of you are priceless..all 3, without looking at each others cards, made mention of everything I do for the family..I loved that, because I am glad they appreciate the fact that it isn't easy. My dear sweet husband even wrote me a card and to say I was overwhelmed, well, that is an understatement. I had a wonderful day and I hope you all did too. I miss my own mother, but was reminded of her all day in my girls smiles and her laughter..

Friday, May 11, 2012


Baseball playoffs @5:45..and over to the SIL's house for pizza, salad and much needed spirits!! After a jam packed day at work..I rushed to get middle girly to Sports Physical(cheerleading) so we could go to the orientation and turn in paperwork at 6! Well, I dropped her of at 6:10pm , the Dr. was busy.. had to rush home and get baby girl to dance @ 6 who now arrived at 6:20..went to the gym to join middle girl and turns out she can't try out until June 20th..when she will be considered a JV rising 7th grader!! WTH! I just spent $45.00 on a Physical..that she didn't pass HA..I will get into that in a minute, which could have gone towards my Mother's Day gift..and she will be at Camp June she said forget it she will tryout next year.. My daughter has Pulmonary Stenosis... a narrowing of her pulmonary valve..she has been under Cardiac care since she was 6 months old.. she never had to have a stent..and it gradually grew wider, but, she had to have pre-meds before dental cleanings yada yada..and a very distinct heart murmur.. Well, last summer she was released from Cardiologist for 5 years because everything looked great and No longer needs pre-meds..moving right along..Doc in the Box wouldn't clear her w/out orders from cardiologist.. seriously, I almost needed a XANAX after my day was over.. Did I just ramble..sorry, I just had to take 2 dozen cc cookies to baby girls party, 2 bags of cool ranch doritos and lemonade, drop the dog off at the groomers(bath) she is a mutt.. grocery store..home..then bank, gas, carpool... WASH, RINSE, REPEAT!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

a quote.. and a chuckle..

so it seems, that this NJ mama thinks if you don't like her, it is because you are..and I quote.. "Jealous, Fat and Ugly!". Uh, no, we don't like you because we are SANE.. and you are a freak show! Now, as we say in the South.. and I quote.."Bless her heart!".

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


So many events in May, don't you agree. Mother's Day!! I hope my girly's just make me a card..I love that the mostest! Middle girly is trying out for JV Cheerleading...rising 7th grader. Do y'all think that is too young or am I crazy? End of the year parties. baby girly's baseball team made the playoffs..S*#T..kidding Yay!! End of the year school cookout, baseball and soccer parties and yet another teacher gift and I am in charge of her class symbol party..good behavior party..whatev, they should behave! Oldest girly is preparing for her license and has several irons in the fire job wise! our pool opens may 18th and I am so ready..but will probably wait until Memorial day weekend. If you follow my Blog..I had my girly check up and everything is Fine!! WooHoo! she still would like to speak to me..hopefully about removing my parts..again..kidding..not!! also, Jury duty.. seriously, they need a better system..and the Dad's that were walking out of Family Court that paid their Child Support..G R O S S!! I am glad we have a good man living in this house! work has been hectic are picking up with the Interest Loans being so low!! Happy Hump Day..that is so nasty, but I somehow felt compelled to write it!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Jury Duty update..

the only thing I enjoyed today was lunch with a girlfriend from High School..The guy seated to the right of me reeked of cigarettes. The woman seated to the left me was panic stricken they were going to with hold water from her. they called 289 jurors..60 thought they were going to get out of it..only 5! I was NOT chosen praise Jesus but had to call in at 6pm to receive my instructions for tomorrow and was told to report back at 11am! UGH! Seriously, I cannot fathom that some of these citizens are going to chose the fate of the person charged. many people were employed at Lowe's, US Postal service, Ft. Jackson Military base and drumroll..alot were unemployed. I will remember to pack a water bottle that lady to the left was onto something..I was parched! LOL!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Little hands and Big hands...

Ok, my question is. why must my children dry their hands on A: the shower curtain (9)year old.and B: the Monogrammed "display" towel..WHEN..I CLEARY lay out a fresh hand towel on the vanity everyday?? It is disturbing, the hand towel is NEver and I repeat, never used!! UGH! Anyone else have something your quirky kids do, or is it just mine.. Have a wonderful Cinco de Mayo and Kentucky Derby weekend! we have a ball game tonight and are going to our Club's Kentucky derby party hat wins a prize.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I am ready...

for SUMMER!! I love everything about it..No rushing in the mornings to get the girly's on their way..afternoons by the pool..followed by weekends at the pool! Ok, I do hate swim Team..sorry! Homemade Ice Cream, Fireflies, children playing outside til dark, the beach..birthdays, the lake with good friends and maybe if we can swing it this year a little vacay!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Visit..

well, I did it! I haven't been to the "female" doctor in oh, I don't know, like 5 years, so i decided..encouraged by my dear friend who is going through breast go to the GYM..Get Your Mammogram! So I went.. and to my shock and surprise they did a biopsy, because I think I am going through menopause..and have experienced unusual bleeding..I know TMI, but, I am telling y'all this, because if you are a scaredy cat like me..please don't put off the doctor.. I am also having a mammogram Thursday and going to the dermatologist in June.WTH!! I am finally going to put my insurance card to good use! I feel kind of calm..which is weird, because I am a worry wart. I am not worried about the test results, I feel great that I went, and know it had to be done. of course I prayed that everything will be normal..but worry gets you nowhere. Ok.. Fifty Shades of one down..and onto Book 2..this is more of a 20's 30's read, but since I bought all 3 on a recommendation from a 30ish friend I am reading them all. am intrigued by Christian Grey though.. happy May!!