Friday, May 11, 2012


Baseball playoffs @5:45..and over to the SIL's house for pizza, salad and much needed spirits!! After a jam packed day at work..I rushed to get middle girly to Sports Physical(cheerleading) so we could go to the orientation and turn in paperwork at 6! Well, I dropped her of at 6:10pm , the Dr. was busy.. had to rush home and get baby girl to dance @ 6 who now arrived at 6:20..went to the gym to join middle girl and turns out she can't try out until June 20th..when she will be considered a JV rising 7th grader!! WTH! I just spent $45.00 on a Physical..that she didn't pass HA..I will get into that in a minute, which could have gone towards my Mother's Day gift..and she will be at Camp June she said forget it she will tryout next year.. My daughter has Pulmonary Stenosis... a narrowing of her pulmonary valve..she has been under Cardiac care since she was 6 months old.. she never had to have a stent..and it gradually grew wider, but, she had to have pre-meds before dental cleanings yada yada..and a very distinct heart murmur.. Well, last summer she was released from Cardiologist for 5 years because everything looked great and No longer needs pre-meds..moving right along..Doc in the Box wouldn't clear her w/out orders from cardiologist.. seriously, I almost needed a XANAX after my day was over.. Did I just ramble..sorry, I just had to take 2 dozen cc cookies to baby girls party, 2 bags of cool ranch doritos and lemonade, drop the dog off at the groomers(bath) she is a mutt.. grocery store..home..then bank, gas, carpool... WASH, RINSE, REPEAT!!!


Mom on the Run said...

J2 had same thing--they can always hear that whooshing when they listen to her heart. She was released from Ped Cardiologist when she was 5 and it still gets mentioned everytime she goes to the dr...and she's 23!

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

Ah, don't you love it? The life of a mom!

Gabi said...

sorry you had to make the cookies yourself :(
Life As Mom sure can be crazy can't it??? Glad you had a nice mother's day! :)