Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Visit..

well, I did it! I haven't been to the "female" doctor in oh, I don't know, like 5 years, so i decided..encouraged by my dear friend who is going through breast Cancer..to go to the GYM..Get Your Mammogram! So I went.. and to my shock and surprise they did a biopsy, because I think I am going through menopause..and have experienced unusual bleeding..I know TMI, but, I am telling y'all this, because if you are a scaredy cat like me..please don't put off the doctor.. I am also having a mammogram Thursday and going to the dermatologist in June.WTH!! I am finally going to put my insurance card to good use! I feel kind of calm..which is weird, because I am a worry wart. I am not worried about the test results, I feel great that I went, and know it had to be done. of course I prayed that everything will be normal..but worry gets you nowhere. Ok.. Fifty Shades of Grey..book one down..and onto Book 2..this is more of a 20's 30's read, but since I bought all 3 on a recommendation from a 30ish friend I am reading them all. am intrigued by Christian Grey though.. happy May!!


Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

I feel ya! I didn't go for about 7 years after we moved here! Yikes, I know! But when I went everything was totally fine, but I hated the NEW doctor! So, didn't go again for two years... just went this past December and had to have a biopsy too! Mine came back fine, but I too am peri-menopausal! :( Oh well, what can you do?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Good job taking care of yourself!

lori carolina said...

yea you, way to go! glad everything is well. i need to go again too, it's always harder for me after a move or insurance change. which seems to happen a lot. thanks for the reminder.:)