Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day...

I love my country, the men and women who served and continue to do so..and I love our FLAG..the ultimate symbol of freedom. Our plans...Pool, grill out and getting middle girly ready for a week at the beach with a friend..that girl has it going on and in June..she is going to Camp for 10 days..quite the social butterfly.. Baby girly starts swimming lessons tomorrow, everyday thereafter for and hour and a half everyday..should keep her figure in tact from all of her trips to the "free" snack bar! Oldest girly is getting her license this week, so she will be a great help to me with the girls this summer! Hubby is off this week and I have made him quite the list..see, when he is off, he literally thinks he doesn't have to do a thing!! when is my free week of nothing? don;t even get me started on that conversation!! Looks like we may be headed for rain all week, ugh! I just need a little color on the cheeks and I will be fine!
Dance recital..middle girly and baby girly..check out the makeup!

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The Mrs. said...

They are adorable! I love our flag too. Downright weepy about it!