Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Schedule...

Monday: Work
Middle Girl ACX(extreme cheer and dance)
Mom Tennis Match

Tuesday: Work
Baby Girl Soccer
Middle girl Dance Company

Wednesday: Work
Baby Girl Baseball Practice
Hubby Tennis

Thursday: Work
Oldest Girl: play practice
Middle Girl: dance
Baby girl: dance
Baby girl: baseball game(after dance)
Hubby Tennis Match
Me: preview party for Home Builders Assoc.( I work at a Bank as a Mortgage banker)

Friday: Work
Cupcakes at school for the baby girls birthday celebration (did our mom's do this)?
Shopping for baby girls "family" birthday party cookout Sunday

saturday: Baby girl Soccer game
Baby girl's 9th birthday party

Sunday: work the Home Builders Show
Baby girls REAL birthday
Out to Dinner her choice ( thank goodness Chick Fil A is closed)!
Me: tennis Clinic
Me and the Hubs..Happy Hour..starting at 5....JOIN US IN SPIRIT!!
and you know what the beauty of all of this is..I get to do it EVERY WEEK!! LOL!


Anonymous said...
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Just Ask Beth said...

Anonymous..please contact me personally.. If I know who you are than I don't think it would be a problem for you to get in touch with me..

Leah said...

Are you writing all of this just to make me feel bad about all that you do compared to what I do???? ;)

Leah said...

Are you writing all of this to make feel bad for you and all you have to do???? ;)