Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blogs I LOVE!!

I just love to read all of my favorite Blogs once I get the girly's off to school. I go back and forth to which Blogs I like, love and hate.. i even read the ones I hate too.
My criteria for my favorite Blogs are so different

1. I enjoy the Blogs where the ladies are ahem, in my age group 40-50! Did I just say that?? we are real, we are raising post college down to elementary and we mostly discuss, paint colors, fabric swatches, recipes, unruly children, bitchy get the picture.. we also talk about God, Church, and Giving back
2. Mid Twenties.. ok these girls have it going on!! They read every parenting book, dress to the pukey gym clothes for these girls!! They make exotic meals for their husbands all the while having their bodies toned, their make up perfect and the house cleaned and everything labeled.. and they have lots of money!! I live vicariously through these girls..although, I think something is missing, and I am going to find out.
3. The college blogs! Enough said.. I want to be a Delta, delta, Delta again and Tailgate

Here are a few of my faves..although some of my 40-50 year olds are dropping like flies

Biscuits are never Boring
Abnormally Normal
Clemsongirl and the Coach
Pink Clutch
Blue eyed Bride
Monograms and Manicures
Simple Thoughts (LOVE)
Pearls and Grace (HEART)
Southern Yankee
Designer bags and dirty Diapers(this girl has it going on!)
hanging with the Hewitts
Pawley's Island Posh(great Photographer)
A Liz Adventures
3 Peanuts
The Southland Life
Style Me swanky
Hungry Meets healthy
mostly all Charleston SC BLOGS!!
Lowcountry Living


Debra said...

I love your criteria! Mostly the same as mine although I haven't read too many of the college blogs. Alot of my faves are also on your list. The ones that aren't I will definitely check out.

The Manager of Many said...

UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! What about the 30-somethings? We're just as cool as the rich 20 year old, oraganized, physically fit, chef bloggers. Only we blog about far more interesting topics such as... raising school-aged AND preschool kids, being broke as a joke, and praying to God that he will help us find our prupose!!!!
Thanks alot Beff!

The 5 Bickies said...

Thanks for including me in your list! I too love your criteria and do agree that the 40's do write a more "real" blog than the 20's. Somehow I can't stop reading the others even though I keep thinking about it.

Love your view on facebook and completely AGREE!

Lilly Forever! said...

Oh I am so happy to have found this blog. I just became a follower. My blog is I enjoy reading most blogs - but especially the ones that are in my age group and with similar issues. Check out my blog - I will look forward to reading yours. Have a great day and keep writing ;-)