Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sweet Pink!!!

Valentines!! The Hubby calls me today and said "you received a package from Nichelle"?? I squealed with delight..and said " She's my Bloggy friend and we had a Pink Swap for Valentine's Day"! He was like Oh Gawd... Duh! He doesn't get it. But SHE did! She nailed this on the head!! Cookbook, Ghiardelli chocolate, candles, wonderfully scented soaps that made the whole house smell heavenly when I opened the box, cupcake plate and a SPA kit..the hubby said, how did she know you needed a pedicure? I said she didn't dumbarse, but since you KNOW I do, hint, hint!
Thank You sweet Nichelle.. I think you are going to love your goodies too!!


Lori said...

Oh fun, love your package of PINK!
Your sure are funny, your UPS comment made me laugh! :)

The Old Line Belle said...

Yay!!!!!!! I am so glad that you got your package:) I loved shopping for you:)

engagement rings Dublin said...

Sweet pink is so pretty. Huge fan of UPS, their so reliable. From Engagement Rings