Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Tried to figure out many outstanding invoices at the PI Firm on QuickBooks..who invented that piece of SH#T software.. aggravating, probably because I am super daffy..

Baby Girly home with Strep,,with Daddy, who made her a chocolate syrup, cream coffee this morning, he clearly must think caffeine will NOT affect a 7 year old..and sugar

Middle Girly got her CAST off (third broken bone) I know DSS right!

Hubby conncocted some Sausage and Bean Cassoulet with a homemade Cornbread topping.. sorry Weight Watchers, my Fat arse is eating tht tonight!!

Oh the below cookies I made for Valentine's Day.. I asked Baby Girly this morning if she liked them and she said "UH Not really, I mean I like the chocolate, but the white part (me: you mean the COOKIE) tasted like old dry bread!! Sweet Baby.. I told her.. you are close. it is SHORTBREAD and she said I KNEW IT!! Clearly, there is a genetic defect we do NOT know about yet, but I am having her tested!!

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Tell her to send along those "dry old bread cookies" to me! I HEART shortbread!