Friday, October 30, 2009

Whew!! What a week!

Ok, let me just inform you all that I have had the week from hell and with the Gamecocks playing Tennessee in Tennessee well I am sure it will round out how bad it has been.

So last Saturday, the hubby comes home from the Vandy/USC game and says " I feel like crap"!, at 12:30am, so I assume yeah I bet you do with all the tailgating and all and he says NO MY EAR is KILLING me! I say, "Please go to the Dr. tomorrow and get this straightened out(been on/off for oh a YEAR). So hubby goes, and oh, Uncle shows up from PA out of the blue, damn, and returns with a ton of prescriptions Major infection. Ok that was Sunday.. Let's move on to Monday! Hubby wakes up, the left side of his face is so swollen and red and HOT he lookes like Frankenstein, and I said that's it I am calling the Dr. to get a referral for you to see the ENT TODAY!! Call ENT and they said go to ER right away!! In the meantime, my middle girly has a fever and says she doesn't feel well and I ship her to grandma's, whilst I take Hubby to ER!! 12 hours later he is admitted bagged up on Antibiotics and Pain medicine and I return home to the girls, 2 asleep 1 with fever and the oldest very concerned about Daddy and I assure her he will be fine but when I left they said we hope this isn't in his BRAIN or BONES WTF! we hope TEST HIM, so at 4:00 am they do a CAT scan and it is NOT in said brains or bones. Now to Tuesday, Middle girl wakes up fever and MISERABLE. I said, I am going to the hosp. to meet with the ENT and I will be home... They release hubby and he is told to meet with ENT Thursday. Call Pediatrician and make appt. for 3:00, hubby gets home at 1:30, go to Publix, get his meds, come home, take said child to Dr. and she has..... Drumroll please....
The SWINE FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and my giveaway from 2 months ago, hubby said he would send, was in the back of his car!! So I am sending that today, I apologize to Bickies!!
They are feeling better, but dang I think I need a Vacay, because all I have done is Clorox wipes, Lysol and Purell everything~!! I feel like Nurse RATCHETT, because I feel like I work in the Looney Bin.. Sorry about the typos and run on sentences, I am pooped, and we have Freaky Friday at the Elementary School today and Halloween Saturday.. HELP ME!!


Preppy 101 said...

My gosh. You have had the week from hell. Is everyone getting better? Hubby's started with an ear infection? goodness. You are gonna need a couple of Spa Days after this! ;-) Hope all is better soon! We're on opposite sides of the football field this weekend. The last time we played y'all here, I watched Spurrier out-coach Fulmer and we lost. It's our turn now don't you think?? ;-) xoxo

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh man...I was hoping for a simple ear infection. Good luck nursing him back to health!

prashant said...

We're on opposite sides of the football field this weekend. The last time we played y'all here, I watched
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