Saturday, January 9, 2010

They are so much a like... yet so

Different!! I woke up today, made the only man in the house an egg sandwich ( his choice) and packed his lunch for WORK today, yes WORK, his first week home and he is scheduled to work the first weekend WTH!! So with that said, my free weekend is going to have to wait..
Ok, where was I... right, they are so a like, but yet so different! I am talking about my girly's! After I served the hubby I went downstairs with my hot cup of coffee to start a load of laundry, and you know READ BLOGS, when much to my surprise my whole downstairs was SPOTLESS! WTH, was there a Fairy in my house last night, because less the 24 hours ago it was a raging MESS!! HMMM! Who could it be? I know.. MALLORY, my middle child! She cleaned the whole dang thing, without being asked.. and her room that she shares with her sister! I thanked her and asked her what provoked her to do such a thing! She said " I just couldn't take it anymore"! HAHA!! I know how she feels. Now let me just say that the oldest wouldn't dare think of doing such a thing, because I enable her and the youngest... well, I can't even go there, let's just say we want her away from ALL cleaning products, we had a little accidenty poo with paper towels and a lighter!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That would be different. I'd be shocked if any kid of mine cleaned. Anything. Ever.

Beth Dunn said...

Cleaning kids? ARe they alien? LOL xoxo


Charlotte said...

What kind of water is your family drinking?!?! I need some of that over at my house!!! Can Mallory teach a grown man how to clean?!?

Juliana said...

My son is a little cleaning machine....he gets it from his neat freak cleaning mama.

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mWm said...

i'm a new reader (after the redneck hummus comment how could I NOT be;) anyways...i left you something on my blog so stop by when you get a minute :)