Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

I love Easter... new beginnings, flowers blooming, street noise,ie children outside! The Easter Bunny brings candy and some toys for the 7 year old... clothes and goodies for the older girls and pure joy to my husband and myself, just watching them enjoy the day.

We have all been reeling from this Pollen we have here in the south, but are so thankful for warm sunny days

We leave tomorrow for our Spring Break trip, we are going camping (CABIN) to a SC State park and we are all so so excited. Today we venture to my MIL's for a family cookout.. all of my husbands siblings, he is one of 12!, will be there and their children and we just love to get together, my MIL is 84 and so spry! I guess she had no choice with 12 children.

I hope you all are blessed, happy and full of new beginnings! Happy Spring!

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