Friday, December 17, 2010

Why oh why...

do I sign up to be a homeroom mother every year?? I stuffed 24 mugs full of cocoa, pepermint sticks and chocolate.. made 2 dozen cut out and decorated sugar cookies.. and to boot we are going to make make monogrammed Christmas ornaments!! I love helping out, but with my catering business in full bloom I am pooped.. it is 11:48am, is it to early for a cocktail!!??

On a serious note, I like winter break, because quite frankly, I NEED IT!!!

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Mom on the Run said...

BTDT. Lived to tell about it. Just say NOOOOOOOO to PTSA president when they come asking....because they will. It's always vodka:30 somewhere, so go for it. If you mix it with orange juice or cranberry, nobody will be the wiser!