Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Break here we come...

We are going to Charleston, SC, Isle of Palms to the Wild Dunes Resort! Weather is going to be perfect upper 70's low 80's! We are leaving Sunday and returning Wednesday, just enough of a break, but not enough to make them think it's summer! I fret, because my hubby isn't invited we were invited by my middle girly's friends mom whose family owns the condo and it is a GIRLS Vacay! So basically, free accommodations, however I am showing up with

1. 2 bottles of wine

2. chicken salad

3. breakfast casserole

4. Lasagna

as my way of saying THANK YOU!!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Have I ever told you' that you're welcome to come to Wisconsin ANY TIME? No? Well, you ARE! Especially if you bring such swell hostess gifts;) Have a blast!

3 Peanuts said...

Thanks for your sweet comment. Hope you had a good time at the beach.