Thursday, August 16, 2012

what happenend to Wednesday???

Sheesh!  I was trying, and I use that term loosely, to be consistent writing this Blog, but, it seems that I am so important and busy that time just slips away from me!

I am so tired everyday around 3pm, that I started having High Coffee like the Queen,except, instead of tea and instead of 4pm, you know, to give me that extra pep in my step to make it through my second shift as wife and mother..First shift is for working...ugh!

So my girls start school, 3 different I might add, on Monday.  I am both glad and sad.  Sad, we will be on a formal routine and sad we won't be on a formal routine!!  Back to school shopping Tennis shoes, cleats, flats, cutesy new outfits, not alot, because let's get real, here in the South you can wear shorts through October! 

We are planning a nice labor Day getaway since we did not travel this summer due to my surgery and our work schedules...I am thinking Savannah, Ga.  Any thoughts???

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