Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Girl Mom...

sure has been a long time since I checked in, trust, I haven't checked out. I just started reading the Blogs and quit writing the Blog...lazy! Catch up! 1. MacKenzie is a junior at Wofford College. She enjoys college life but was completely surprised that there was so much studying to be had!! DUH! She is going to Berlin, Germany for a Semester abroad to study and is super excited for that adventure. 2. Mallory is a junior in high School and claims it is going to be the best year ever. She was nominated for Homecoming Queen so that's exciting for a 16 year old. She drives herself to school now after getting her driver's license over the summer. she already has 1 teeny accident under her belt. Bless! 3. Emerson is in her last year of Middle School (8th) grade. She is a terrific volleyball player and is the starting Setter this year. My husband and I are happy to go to work everyday to support their exciting lifestyle and all that it entails. haircuts, waxing, makeup, elite makeup not drug store variety, dermatologists, orthodontists, orthopedist, gym memberships, Starbucks get where I'm going. meanwhile, I am sitting at my desk typing this with ONE WIRE in 1 CUP of my BRA!! we moved for the 3rd time this year.. don't get me started. Sold a house, rented a house, owner's moved back, rented another house, owner's decided to sell, now we are in a house and the owner declared that he will NEVER SELL because it was his family home and he can't part with it.. he obviously can't part with cash either because it is freaking lopsided and for the first 2 months I walked like I needed a V8! Going to Wofford College this weekend, parent's Weekend to see Mackenzie. I love going to see her for the 1st time after she has been gone. We bought a Parking pass this year so I am going to set up a beautiful tailgate, I love to entertain and cook..and drink. getting ready to head to a volleyball game, so far 2-0, our school has WON the District Championship 4 years in a row. Hope y'all didn't forget me!

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