Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I work with an office full of animal lovers, me, not so much, however, I think what I have to say is important, so listen.

I work with a lady whose 13 year old daughter frequents by the place a lot, oh, did I mention her brother, "AINT" as she likes to be referred , and grandmother work there as well. Anyway, we are one big happy family!

Back to said 13 year old. This young lady is wise for her age to say the least and is always busy doing something, not just sitting there, you know what I mean. So one day she bounces in the office and starts selling candy bars for "Project Pet"! Project Pets sole purpose is to place stray animals in homes and prevent them from... you know... Anyway, this little thing started raising money and asking us to join in the cause and even went so far as to include us(if we wanted) to join her in April to walk with her as she donates her collection to Project Pet.. We are going, you know why, because when you see a 13 year old passionate about a cause so selfless and compasionate as this, can you really say no. Way to go Elizabeth, even though I get your goat sometimes, I think you are a great young lady.

If you would like to donate on Elizabeth's team, you can google Bark in The Park columbia SC or visit and her team name is HAMMOND SKYHAWKS, any donation would be appreciated.

PS: As for me, we have a rescue dog and I love her!


MGBHLH said...

I am an animal lover. I think it is wonderful what this great little lady is doing, and I will be donating to the cause. My hat is off to her and to you.


And I agree with you with the Octo Mom. WTH!! Where is Child Protective Service in this whole mess?

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for all your help! I saw that you and McKenzie joined the walk. I can't wait for April 18th (and to meet the world famous Butterbean)! When does Mallory get her cast off? Tell her that I love the PINK. Ohh, and tell McKenzie to see if any of her friends would like to join. The more the merrier!