Saturday, June 4, 2011

YARD SALE spells..

YUCK SALE to me! I loathe and despise having them, but my sweet neighbor who orchestrated our WHOLE Circle to have one made me do it!! Dansko Clogs worn 4 times $5.00 sold! Yikes! Brand new never worn Land's End sneakers I never returned,, $5.00 sold.. I gave things away! The best part of the day.. baby girly thought to have a Lemonade Stand and netted $14.00, which she quickly spent $2.00 on TWO Vera wallets!, and saved the rest for the "snack bar" at the pool so she won't charge it!! Thanks..that's why had the Yard Sale foot that bill!


The wife said...

I hate having yard sales and am beginning to hate consignment sales too! I just like to purge here and there so it is a headache to keep up with everything!

Paula said...

Doesn't it feel good to get rid of things?? I'm way too lazy to have a yard sale but I do enjoy filling up a bag for Goodwill!