Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My oldest got her permit yesterday, her braces off a few weeks ago..next 10th grade.. I don't know if I am ready for all of this! We waited in a NON-AIR CONDITIONED DMV for an hour and a half BEFORE she took the test. I wish I had the guts to take pictures of the odd people in there and their clothing choices. It went from hoochie shorts to obese people in skin tight clothing.. I leaned over to my daughter and said : "see, I told you we were normal"! She and I both had a quick laugh, because right there at that moment we were on the same page. I love her so much. I taught her how to make coffee last night, so you would think a child that makes straight A's could master pour water in.. put filter in.. add coffee. turn on.. right? WRONG! LOL she made it today and said " uh, mommy somethings not right" and I said laughing.. " you have to put the coffee in to MAKE coffee"! Oh well, I guess she still needs me..sigh


Jo Black said...

Congratulations on your new soon-to-be driver!! My twins will be 16 next month and will have their nonrestricted liscenses....God help them (and me)!!

Mom on the Run said...

Teaching them to drive is actually much more scary than letting them drive by themselves. In fact, by the time the last one rolled around, I was DONE! Although he's probably the best driver out of all of them, my nerves were shot.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Details! Ha!
Good luck to your growing girl!
I always find the DMV to be a scary place.

Annica Benning said...

Oh those DMV lines. I had to wait for an hour with my father only to find out you needed two forms of ID. Always fun.