Tuesday, November 8, 2011


The baby has her last soccer game Saturday..I hope she scores a goal this season, she was a high roller last year, she's close,but missed a few good opportunities!!
Middle Baby has a dance part in "The Princess and the Frog", so we are full of rehearsals weekly, and 2 dress rehearsals next week and 3 performances..YIKES, time to get out the RED BULL!!
Oldest daughter has been babysitting for this family whose mommy travels a good bit for business, she just returned from London, must be rough, and has earned $340.00 so far..she is saving for a car, her Godfather said he would contribute $2000.00 we will contribute a $1000.00 and she needs to save$1000.00.. Don't you think you can get a decent used FIRST car for $4000.00?

I must say the weather here in SC has been nothing short of delightful! I catered 2 big parties last weekend and I am catering an OYSTER ROAST this Friday.

I am dedicating myself to losing weight, especially after I saw my 4 chins and 3 asses on FB! LOL!! No more 2 glasess of, ok 3, of Pinot anymore.. slow and steady takes the wheel..I just want to feel great!

What do your children want for Christmas..mine want IPADS, duh, so do I, not.. we are leaning towards Kindle Firestar!! look it up on amazon way cheaper and awesome!

Have a great Tuesday. I love the time change do y'all? I get up so much easier!


Lori said...

Love the time change too and this weather ~ LOVE!
I'm trying to remember how much I paid for my first car but it's been too long, ha!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

A car. oh my!
Such a busy time in your world!