Thursday, February 2, 2012

they are listening..

As my middle daughter and I were watching TV together, or she was, and I was meticulously trying to paint her toes in her new Essie color she said something quietly under her breath. I can't even remember what show it was but she said "you give something from your heart, because you want too, not because you want praise"! I looked up from painting her cute little toes and said "what did you say"? she repeated herself, and I smiled, put the brush in the bottle and grabbed her face and kissed it! "you are so right Mally, give from your heart, no matter what it is..don't give to impress". I said, "gosh, you are so wise, where did you learn that"? and she said "from you Mommy, you always let people go in front of us in carpool, the grocery store and that time you took that old ladies shopping cart so she didn't have to walk it in". WOW! I am not telling you this for a WOW, but, it opened my eyes to the fact that these children watch our every move and how much they might emulate our behavior..I also realize, they have also seen the not so good..the one who says cuss words, gossips, and has had one too many glasses of vino..but I like to balance it out..don't want her thinking I am all good!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh! What a sweetheart to notice--and what a good example you are for her to follow!

The wife said...

Funny you mention the cuss words. I just told Hubby the other day that I know Lovebug will be able to throw some words out when she gets older due to what she has overheard! Glad I'm not alone!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Way to go!! This post made me happy and is oh so true! Just today my friend and I were talking about how people's actions as adults are so reflective of what they grew up surrounded by!

And of course your kids need to see the bad (or I'd rather say FUN side of you) as well!