Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So... I reactivated my Facebook account ALREADY!! Really for 2 reasons. I had a dear friend recently get diagnosed for the 2nd time Breast Cancer and want to keep up with her..and she posts about it and secondly, my daughters former teacher who had to move to NC for a job for the Hubby, was recently diagnosed with MS. It is so sad that these ladies have to endure this at such young ages but I know through, faith and prayer it will make this journey easier to bear.
I have to admit I really didn't miss Facebook after a day or two, but it is truly amazing what happens in those few short days to all of us. We all need prayer.

The youngest is home for the 2nd day Strep throat.. is it just my children, but my girls don't sleep when they are sick.. My late mother used to say " if your not sleeping, you musn't be sick"!
I am working from home today and it is hard to do when you see all of the dust, laundry and dirty I work a little, clean a LOT.. and before I know it..Carpool will be calling.
I think I am going to start posting Friday Foods, recipes that I love that are easy and inexpensive..ya know, sans the Truffle Oil! Have a Happy Hump Day!


CTBaker in the Acres said...

Hey! Glad to have you back on da book! I was missing your negativity, bragging, and harsh comments.
We too are praying for Nancy. I just love her!
I'm at home with all 3 today. I know what you mean about catching glimpses of the laundry, dust, etc. Totally overwhelming!!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

poor sick kid.
I let kids watch TV if they have a fever or a doctor's excuse;)