Monday, April 2, 2012

Lull and Dull...

I have had a LULL in posting because my life is so darn DULL!!

went to Charleston saturday for our dear friends 3 year old twin boys birthday party..that is always fun! hubs and I went out saturday night where I proceeded to carry on like I was in college again..most awesome time..VooDoo lounge in west Ashley..I heart you and the food is amazing!!
sunday we went to park Circle in N.Charleston..that area is booming and had a FABU lunch at DIG!! DELISH!
on the way home to Columbia..we went the back roads so oldest girly could get experience driving..that is a whole other post..I may or may not have severed that realtionship..we picked a bucket of strawberries and baby girly is eating them like they are her JOB..Hubby is off this week..SPRING BREAK and he is taking the girls to the dentist(cleanings) and doctor(well checkups) for me so I can WORK..isn't he the best! HA!
Thursday the Hubs and I are going back to Charleston for the Family Circle Cup ladies tennis tournament..we may or may not spend the night..with easter Sunday we need to pinch are are staring to replace candy in the casa de Cleary!!


The Mrs. said...

I have had a bo-ring spring break as well and the parents show up this wed and I must entertain. Calgon take me away!

LiquidRaindrops said...

Take a day with a Sweet Dream .