Monday, April 16, 2012

Social Butterfly...

my middle girly is constantly on the go... Friday night she spent the night with her BFF and went to see Titanic 3D..she said "ehh, I took my glasses off it wasn't any better and for $13.00! I thought it would be more real"!

Saturday the Bff's Dad took them to the USC (by that I mean SC) Spring Game..she said they watched a little but ran around the stadium..uh, ok!

Sunday the Bff's Dad (love him) took the girls to his parents place on Lake Murray for a day on the Lake! She had so much fun!

Me: cooked, cleaned, family get together(always fun),soccer game, baseball game..and drum roll please LAUNDRY..the gift that keeps on giving!!


Lilly Forever! said...

You have to love those "social butterflys". I love your laundry saying, "the gift that keeps on giving!" Great way to apply that phrase!

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

OMG, Laundry! We had someone come look at the house yesterday, they called for the appointment when I was out at lunch with a friend and I had let the laundry pile up! I ran home and ended up gathering four huge garbage bags full of dirty clothes and threw them in the back of my car during the showing! Needless to say, guess what I am doing today!