Monday, October 24, 2011

The most wonderful time..of the year

FALL.. I adore this time of year.. Pumpkin bread, apple Streusal muffins, Halloween and Thanksgiving..and if you live below the Mason/Dixon line, finally a break in the temperature. I love wearing sweaters, wraps, cardigans...I love to cuddle with my girly's..I love to make them hot chocolate with a big fluffy marshmallow!

My middle girly went to pick apples with her BFF and brought our family back all of these apples she picked herself..and a jar of apple butter for her mama, my personal fave.

I am pooped..I catered an Engagement party for (100) maybe, maybe! 40 showed, kind of sad! They loved the food..and when the pics come in I will post. I hope y'all are enjoying this most wonderful time of the year..


Blondie's Journal said...

Mu hubby loves apple butter, this is the time to stock up!!


Lori said...

That is kinda sad about the party, I wonder why people didn't show up? What a waste, huh?
How do you use your apple butter?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

AH, your post makes me smile--you sound so happy about life right now!

The Mrs. said...

Fall is starting to grow on me, although I admit am a summer girl!