Thursday, January 3, 2013

a fresh start...

A New Year is like Monday..a fresh start..  As I reflect back on 2012..I don't really want to change anything, that's not my style, what happenend happenend and you can't repeat time.  This year I will be 49..on the cusp of half of a century and there are a few things I REALLY want to accomplish this year.

1. be a better if I can get any better..Just kidding.  I really want to prioritize my husband.

2. be a better mother. go on a Field Trip with the baby and eat lunch with her at least once..

3. prioritize me and my health.. lose those pounds and exercise more

4. take the girls on a really nice family vacation and not just our local Club and think that satisfies their needs

5. eat less, drink less (wine)

6. be the role model for my girls that God intended.. show them by showing them!

7. cook more.. I cook but something more exoctic and outside of the box.

8. move up a notch at work

9. quit being so hard on my oldest.. I love her so much, but I  tend to keep on her..

10.  Enjoy God's Blessings

with that said..How 'Bout those GAMECOCKS!!

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