Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I had a very nice Christmas and per usual..the hubs gave me perfume.. my fave
 Coco Mademoiselle..smells divine
another NEW favorite for me Urban Decays naked Palette..so heavenly and creamy..just glides on.

and last I finally got a Keurig.. I love it for that, just one cup of coffee fix and the girls like it for Hot Cocoa..but it can get expensive!

The hubs and I went to Tampa for the outback Bowl where I am PROUD to say my Mighty Gamecocks pulled out a thrilla win!!

we are on a major saving mode and I am committing to doing a bag of trash a day for Lent..

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, holiday or whatever you celebrate.. i plan on making 2013 a great, organized and fun filled year..

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