Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tennis Update..

Well, as much as I hate to admit defeat, I will, I LOST! However, I made a gallant effort! I have been having issues with my back, and quite frankly, I didn't think I could do it, but I did! Do I feel better today? Hell no! But, Hell Yes also! Why do you ask? Because, I exercised! It felt great to breathe in fresh air and move around these old joints of mine. I am a little sore today, but a good sore. One thing I am not is a SORE LOSER, I had fun even in defeat. 6/0 6/0! DANG!

P.S. we did get to deuce several times!

Signed, Yours truly,



Anonymous said...

Dear Fit Barbie: Its not if you win or lose, its how you play the game. At least you had the guts to show up and try. That in itself makes you the winner, hands down. You won in my book.

Dont expect me to be nice the next time.

Your ever faithful blog stalker that calls it as I see it.

Jessica said...

Ohhh.. she's really stalking you isn't she?? At least something nice came out of her mouth.. that's rare.

That last comment you left me was too sweet. You didn't show up to work today, but I wouldn't have taken it anyway. Thank you so much for even saying that though.

Look at my blog... I left you a present and you have to claim it.

Preppy 101 said...

That feeling after exercise is a good one, isn't it??? I love it and always think that "I am gonna exercise everyday"...but somedays I just can't get away from reading all these wonderful blogs :) Have a great day!

Caffeine Court said...

I know how you feel. I have been playing alot now that the girls are back at school and I am sooo sore.

In a good way.