Monday, September 29, 2008

It's that time again!!!

Please pray for me fellow Bloggers!! Think of Madonna singing "Don't cry for me Argentina"! My first Tennis Match tomorrow night, doubles , thank God. Let's just say I haven't hit a ball in oh, 4 months.. I always think I will win. WTH is wrong with me? Why do I think I don't have to practice but I am Serena Freakin Williams on the court. Update tomorrow night. I pinky swear if I win, I will definitely go to Sunday practice, but quite frankly after Saturday football tailgating I am a WHEE bit tired. A girl has her priorities.

Note to Caffeine Court, I promise to practice more and be more serious( for my partners sake) and after the debacle with the HOUSE today and the STOCK Market plunging, my DRUG of choice is XANAX with a VODKA chaser!



The wife said...

You know you've got some Firefly sitting around waiting to be broken always cures what ails ya!

Jessica said...

Oh Beth.. you know you don't need to practice. You're a natural Goddess out there on that court. You own that court!
Hope you had better luck getting up this morning for lasange then I did for my workout!!

MGBHLH said...

How did the match go?

And, how is your daughter's coach doing? Any better?

The Doctor's Wife said...

Hope your match went well!!!
Nothing like a little Xanax/Vodka cocktail to make a girl think she's the greatest tennis playah evah!