Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm Lovin It!!..

After CCD, we are Catholic, and the girls attend this religious education class EVERY Wednesday night for classes. Hell no they don't miss, and YES, they did receive the perfect attendance award last year, because I relish my 1hr 15 minute break at Target or Starbucks!

Ok, to the point! They get a treat for their torture, as they perceive it, so off we went to McDonalds, yes that's right the very same HAUNT we went to before and...

McDonalds: May I take your order?

Me: Well, yes, yes you may. I will take a large Diet Coke(me) and 3 Hot Fudge Sundaes (girly goos)

McDonalds: $4.45 please drive around

Me to Self: I must be on Candid Camera and they saw my car coming around??? HMMM?

McDonalds: $4.45

give her a $5.00 get change and pull up


McDonalds: Hey Sweetie! Do you need a drink holder for these Sundaes Sweetie?

Me: 3 seperate please GOTCHA JUST KIDDING

Me: No thank you!!

McDonalds: Have a great night! Me: You too... SWEETIE!

Now that's what I call service SOUTHERN STYLE


M. Meb said...

Hey tell mac thanks for the comment and vote! She should get a blog.

SouthernYankee said...

No way!! You should have seen my facial expressions as I read each section. I'll demonstrate tomorrow.

Amanda said...

glad this trip was better!!!