Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Haven't we Met Before...

Run, Run as fast as can be,
I'm the rude ass fast food girl named BON QUI QUI (YouTube: Bon Qui Qui! hilarious)

Seriously, how many of us has experienced this type of behavior, like WE are bothering someone in these establishments!

Case in point!

McDonalds: May I take yo orduh?

Me: Sure! I would like a McNugget Happy Meal sprite(girl), 2 small fries, and 1 large diet coke(me) and 1 large sweet tea.

McDonalds: blah blah drive thru

Me: Pay and say THANK YOU

pull up

McDonalds: repeats order back

Me: I'm sorry, can I get those fries in 2 seperate bags, they are for my girls.

NOW this is where it gets scary!

Shift Manager standing behind Drive thru Boy: What She Say?

DTB: She say she wants 2 diffrunt bags!

Shift Manager: uh uh! No, hell no and hands me a bag so I CAN DO IT!

Me: WTH! Never mind! before I drive off I must have been in some sort of Catatonic state for a moment because I yelled out YOU LAZY BASTARDS!

what what was that?

Back Seat: "Mommy are you mad"?

Me to Self: OOPS! For a brief moment I forgot they were there, see I told you I was in a CATATONIC STATE!


Princess Sophia Consuela said...

RUDE!!! I will cuuuut you! SEKURITY!

High on Hairspray said...

Hey Boo!

Amanda said...

How freakin hilarious! Did that really happen to you?

"Uh no, oh HELLLL no" - OMG!!!

carolyn said...

You should get Sara Beth to do her imitaion of Bon qui qui. That is hilarious!!

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Ok I am laughing my butt off...sounds like EVERY DAY of the entire year I lived in Memphis. The customer service their sucks!

Mavelous Meb said...

I love it. can i get w/ cheese?

Mavelous Meb said...

I love it! Can I get a Cheesebuger?!

M. Meb said...


Amanda said...

I had to tell you that at lunch today some friends were talking about the 'Firefly" - said it was AMAZING!!..Now I hafta go get sum!!! :)

The wife said...

Love your blog and this is hilarious!! I'm always afraid to be a smart a$$ until after I receive my food...I don't want that side order of spit to somehow end up in my bag!!