Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is It Just Me??

As the Mother of 3 girls i feel like I have free reign to comment on this subject: BITCHINESS!

Ok, first let me tell you my girls are 12, 8, and 5. They are FAR from perfect. Oh, I am not commenting on their BITCHINESS but the BITCHINESS of some of the girls they go to school with.

I am perplexed on a daily basis why girls today are so damn rude and I am going to name a few: no, not the girls, examples of behavior EASE UP!

1. they see you but turn away so they don't have to speak. BITCH!

2. you say hello to them and they act like they don't hear you or your daughter. BITCH!

If you are thinking to yourself, no not my little Suzy, she's just shy. No she's RUDE. Shy is todays word for rude. So parents everywhere Teach your child to Speak when Spoken to.

If my girls act that way and I find out, or observe it, there will be serious consequences, it is simply in the words of BON QUI QUI! RUDE!

Now, usually it is my observation that the girls acting like this have BITCHES for Mothers... I'm just sayin..


Amanda said...

I'm tellin you - you just crack me up - but you are SO right! I know my kids are still little, but even at daycare I try to speak to other moms and geez you would think I have the plague sometimes...drives me crazy!

Just Ask Beth said...

Seriously, I am about to Bitch slap my haughty ass REDNECK neighboras we speak!! where do you live in SC?

Amanda said...

I am up the road from spartanburg county.

SouthernYankee said...

All I can say is that I am So Glad.. so glad that I'm not that age or any age that requires you to be in school for that matter! RUDE

Annie said...

Hell yeah. You are so right. Uh-huh.