Thursday, September 4, 2008

I can't take it!!!!

Well, once again the mighty Gamecocks, and I use that term loosely, disappoint!
Vandy 24
USC 17
Seriously, folks I cannot take it, I am feeling a little bit of ANGINA!! Why do I take this to heart? No pun intended, or was it , I am tipsy! I am 44 for God's sake. The party at my house was fun and I need to partake in a little nighty night, I have one more day of schlepping to and fro and let's not forget the new 8:30-5:00! whatever, it is enough to make me take to the bed.. Oh well....


Amanda said...

A dissapointment to you - a reason to celebrate for us! :)

I love me some college football!!!

mackenzie said...

i should b the coach for usc! u think?????
if i get a blog i would name it like OMG! or...
o know you did-nt!
which 1 do u like?